Restaurante Las Rocas Tenerife | Jardín Tropical
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Las Rocas Restaurant

Gourmet cuisine with a taste of the sea

The new culinary offering at our restaurant Las Rocas brings the taste of the sea to your palate. Brought to you by the prestigious chef Jorge Peñate we get dishes combining traditional flavours and innovative twists, a personal hallmark that’s turned Las Rocas into the flagship of gourmet cuisine in southern Tenerife. Flavours from the sea are the star attraction on a menu, which also doesn’t forget about meat or rice based dishes.

The restaurant terrace opens out onto the cliffs of Costa Adeje, giving diners an unparalleled view of the Atlantic Ocean and La Gomera island, especially at dinner time, when sunset transforms the ambiance and the sound of the waves accompanies your meal.


Lunch: 12.30h – 16.00h

Diners: 19.00h – 22.30h