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spa hotel tenerife
spa hotel tenerife

Treatments and Massages

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The Aura Soma Spa & Wellness offers treatments and massages in the clinic center and other accommodated areas in both swimming pools, where you can enjoy the treatment outdoors.

Available treatments:

  • Facial treatments
  • Specific body treatments
  • Aromatherapy for your senses
  • Manual therapies
  • Customized therapies
  • Body wraps and peelings
  • Massages


All facial treatments are done with the beneficial components of natural items such as bamboo, rich in amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.The body wraps made of seaweed, mud and sea salt will cause regeneration and eliminate toxins in your body and will help to eliminate retained liquids.

You will also have the possibility to enjoy new methods such as the ayurvedic massage, the five elements massage, or the Pindas massage that will bring new experiences of wellbeing and relaxation and bring you closer to how you want your body to feel.