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tenerife golf hotel
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Reservation of tee times in all golf courses.

To experience golf in the Jardín Tropical Hotel is a new way of practicing the popular sport in Tenerife: the most spectacular views, the best courses and special attention to detail that will make you feel like a real professional golf player.

Special Deals Golf - Jardin Tropical

Special Deals Golf

Special Golf packs and promotions.

Every season, the department of reservations for golf launches special golf packs including accommodation and green fees so that clients don’t have to worry about organization.


Services for golf players - Jardín Tropical

Services for golf players

Services for golf players.

Jardín Tropical Hotel has a special area dedicated to golf players.

Customized to the client’s needs, an expert team of golf professionals will be able to assist and give you tips on the different golf courses depending on your preferences and levels.

You can make reservations in all the golf courses in the island from the Golf Lounge, as well as benefit from the following privileges or services:

tenerife golf hotel

Golf Tournament Jardín Tropical

The Jardín Tropical is a reference of golf in Tenerife and each year it celebrates its owngolf tournament , one of the most highly esteemed in Canary Islands.

Each year the golfing event brings together more than 150 players, Friends, customers, suppliers, sponsors, lovers of golf, and most of all, people that enjoy the great ambiance of the consolidated Jardín Tropical Hotel golf tournament, which has already celebrated its 23rd edition.

tenerife golf hotel

Green Fees

Reservation of green fees / tee times in all golf courses in Tenerife.

Jardín Tropical Hotel has exclusive agreements with all golf courses of Tenerife and La Gomera to provide its guests with the best offers.

Booking: golf@jardin-tropical.com

tenerife golf hotel

Golf Courses

Tenerife’s Golf Courses.

Discover a new way to enjoy golf. Tenerife has a wide range of golf courses to enjoy this amazing sport.

Golf courses technically designed with different levels for amateurs, advanced and professional players.